Steve's Flamer - Random Flame Generator.

By Steve Baker <>


This program is for *FUN* OK?! It's not for people who are easily offended. It generates random incoherent raving of the kind that can be found on most alt.newsgroups. Once in a great while flamer says something profound:

"Your enthusiasm reminds me of a mouse pad." -- A.Flamer.

Hmmm - once in a VERY great while :-)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Flamer is a narrow minded red-necked jerk - BUT... he isn't me! Don't complain to me if he offends you.

Programs like this are called "travesty generators" - and there are lots of them around.


    make install

If you are running Windoze or something that can't run configure scripts and makefiles, don't sweat it. There is just one C++ source file - no special options or libraries.

No, I won't provide a binary version, project files and such.


This program is offered under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL).


Run the program from a shell. It'll generate an approximately 100 line flame. Alternatively, you can pass the number of lines of flame you'd like on the command line.

eg: When someone posts a complaint about someone writing an email in a non-English language:

    flamer 1000 | mail

History of Flame. (aka "Mr Angry.")

I'm told that the original 'flamer' was on "a Motorola 286, running Vanilla V.1" and written by an unknown author.

Ian G. Batten, ( pulled the data out of it, and rewrote it as PL/1 on Multics, then re-rewrote it in GNU-emacs-lisp, where I found it - and stole the data out of it.

I have since re-re-rewritten it in Lattice C for Atari-ST, then re-re-re-rewritten it in Borland C++ for IBM-PC, then finally ported it to g++ under Linux and hence to C++ under IRIX - and still neither Ian nor I, know who originally had the idea. Good programs never die - they just get re-re-written!

I have disposed of some of the phrases that didn't seem to scan right, or which were too repetitive - and added some new ones to add further variety.

I have also changed some of the words to bring them more into the 90's and to remove stuff that is only funny to a British audience.

You should probably re-(N)-write it. That's what most people do with it!