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(From a post to the Wikipedia Science reference desk on Oct 23rd 2009)


OMG! There is a secret map of an alien city hidden in the period at the end of our OP's post! It's a Wikipedia conspiracy!!!

  1. Take a screen-shot of this very page as a nice, clean '.png' image.
  2. Save it as a JPEG image at poor-ish quality settings so you can post it on your overburdened, underfunded web site.
  3. Someone sees the image, zooms into it and notices "hidden stuff" - all sorts of cryptic and interesting patterns. Is it some kind of a code? I'd better post this on my web site!
  4. Someone sees that image, and notices a subtle yellow structure in the middle of the image - which they enhance with the gamma tool. HOLY CRAP!! There's a bunch of stuff in here. It looks like some kind of alien character set hidden in the message that was posted on Wikipedia! WTF is going on here?
  5. Someone else hears the breaking news and enhances the image with the 'edge' enhancement tool. There is something very weird about that full-stop. Let's zoom in for a closer look!
  6. That looks like a map. No! If you put it into perspective, you can see that shadows are being cast by the "buildings" around the edge of each city block. Maybe it's a secret city belonging to an advanced alien civilization or something?
  7. Discovery channel makes a two hour documentary about how the aliens are communicating with each other using Wikipedia's servers right under our very noses! Look - there are DOZENS of sites out there on the internet telling us about this and NOBODY in the Obama administration are doing anything about it. Jimbo Wales has denied it all! Cronies of his on the so-called "Science Reference Desk" are trying their best to suppress the story and claim that it's just a chance spark from an off-course weather balloon igniting marsh gas reflected in a layer of warm air. Are these mysterious patterns an attempt to indoctrinate humans? Perhaps they are subliminally teaching us the layout of their streets so we'll be better road cleaners when they enslave us all? Our "experts" have looked into other Wikipedia posts - and even some on government web sites, the department of homeland security and even reports denying the existence of Area 51 - and we've found exactly the same kinds of structures!

It's amazing what you can get out of a single pixel period at the end of a sentence...or from a photo of the moon. SteveBaker (talk) 23:35, 23 October 2009 (UTC)