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Wedding Photos (1954)

MumPix 001a.png MumPix 002a.png MumPix 004a.png MumPix 005a.png MumPix 006a.png MumPix 007a.png MumPix 016a.png MumPix 033c.png

Flying Doctor service: Kenya (circa 1967)

MumPix 010c.png MumPix 011a.png MumPix 011b.png MumPix 011c.png MumPix 011d.png MumPix 011e.png MumPix 011f.png

Suki the Samoyed

MumPix 008b.png MumPix 009c.png MumPix 033e.png


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Other Photos


MumPix 024a.png MumPix 025a.png MumPix 026a.png MumPix 027a.png MumPix 028a.png


MumPix 035a.png MumPix 035b.png MumPix 036a.png MumPix 037a.png MumPix 038a.png MumPix 039a.png