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This library manages game objects - people, cars, buildings, penguins...everything.

class BasicObject

A BasicObject is a single 3D model with an identifier and some bounding box data. All BasicObjects are are maintained in a searchable global list.

 class BasicObject
 } ;

Utility Functions

Two functions:

 BasicObject *findObject ( unsigned int handle ) ;
 BasicObject *findObject ( const char *name ) ;

...allow you to efficiently search for objects using either their string name - or a numerical handle.

Object states

There are three state variables that are extremely useful to Java plugins that control objects in the game:

  • floating - the object is bobbing around between air and water, perhaps swimming, perhaps just floating naturally.
  • submerged - in water, either on the surface, in the body of water or standing on the bottom of the water.
  • freeFall - free-falling in air or water, not in contact with the ground or the water surface.

A combination of these three flags tells you a lot:

State floating submerged freeFall
On the ground No No No
Falling through the air No No Yes
On the bottom of the ocean No Yes No
Sinking or rising through water No Yes Yes
Impossible?!? Yes No No
Impossible?!? Yes No Yes
Swimming on surface of water Yes Yes No
Impossible?!? Yes Yes Yes

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