Indian head car ornament

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  • Object is approx 10cm tall, 8cm wide and has a 2.8cm hole in the base. It's very heavy and appears to be made from chrome plated brass.
  • We believe it's a car hood/bonnet ornament from a car that belonged to my great grandmother in England - probably sometime between 1920 and 1940.
  • We've seen kinda-similar items on Pontiac cars - but they have thicker bases and are somewhat different in form.
  • There are various letters engraved:
    • At the tip of one of the headdress feathers on the left, it says "H'ADY".
    • Across the left side of the base, it says "H Buana" (although that last 'a' might be a 'd')
    • Across the right side of the base, it says "Ed PARIS".