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Players could be:

  • Pirates (blow up other ships - steal their stuff).
  • Mercenaries (other people pay you to blow up other ships - act as hit-men, etc).
  • Police (get paid to protect people from pirates and mercenaries).
  • Salvage operators (collect scrap and usable parts from blown up ships).
  • Traders (buy stuff in one place, transport it, sell it for more money someplace else).
  • Miners (dig up stuff and take it to be refined).
  • Passenger carriers (move people from place to place).
  • Explorers (make a map of where the good ores are located - sell the maps to miners).

...or they could possibly be a mixture of those things. However, we need to set up the game such that miners cannot mine efficiently if they are stacked out with weapons and explorers can't mine what they find because they can't be fast enough to visit all the places they need to be in. There should be specific ship designs that are optimal for one or other of these roles - although people can always add stuff.