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Because the asteroids are fairly small - and there are plenty of them, people tend to spread development over several asteroids in a blob - so "cities" are constantly shifting collections of modular buildings. It should be fairly easy for the right kind of ship to move modular buildings around - and there should be factories that make new ones and people who's job it is to deliver and install them.

  • Habitats - places where people can eat and sleep.
  • Entertainment domes - crazy places built to extract money from miners who just got their annual pay check. Ranging from "safe" to "extremely dubious".
  • Factories - turn raw materials into products (ship modules, ground modules, etc)
  • Weapons - the locals have to defend themselves somehow!
  • Space ports - room to land a big ship.
  • Landing pads - room to land a small ship.
  • Refuelling locations - (maybe you don't have to land - a hose comes snaking up to you in low gee!)
  • Refineries - turn ore into raw materials.
  • Fuel plants - turn electricity plus water into hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Air plants - turn electricity plus nitrogen plus water into oxygen+nitrogen.
  • Hydroponics - turn sunlight plus water into food.
  • Recycling - turn scrap metal into raw materials.
  • Science labs - invent new stuff.
  • Assay & Cartography - places to buy and sell "maps" (actually, orbital descriptions of interesting places) and to assess the value of ores and other interesting finds (so we know you aren't lying about the maps!).
  • Repair - repair your beat up ship modules.
  • General store - buy and sell finished goods, food, etc.
  • Hospitals.
  • Crew training facilities.
  • Police station.
  • Communications beacons - for long-range communications.
  • Brain repository - (See Also: I-mort)