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Players have a "Ship Creator" tool to customize the look and functionality of their ships.

Salvageable modules and parts mean that provoking engagements and pirating become an aspect of gameplay - also salvaging wrecked ships provides an alternative career path.


  • Small
    • Maximum module capacity (or just too much weight to push with small engines)
    • Connections between modules are 1m circles about the origin
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Massive
    • Asteroid Base with large thrusters

List of Modules

Required Modules

  • Engine
  • Cockpit

When you boil it down, for the smallest ship possible, all you would need is a cockpit and engine. But if you're an I-mort, then you don't even need the cockpit.

So perhaps I-morts need a sensor array in their basic ships. (Since they don't have eyes)

  • Sensor array

Optional Modules

For I-morts, all the modules involving habitation and health are unnecessary, (unless you are a passenger ship) and only a thumbdrive would really be needed to store an I-mort at that level of technological advancement.

  • Weapons
    • Lasers
      • Able to rotate around a cylindrical gantry
    • Missiles
      • Missile modules look like cylinders with holes around the rim, with missiles held in an asterisk pattern.
      • Nuclear Warheads create EMPs.
    • Kinetic weapons
      • Length of ship rail guns
      • Rotating turret rail guns
    • Countermeasures
      • Chafe
      • Jamming array
      • Flack canons
  • Propulsion
    • Thrusters
      • Ion
      • Traditional
    • Nuclear bomb on big metal plate
    • Solar Sails
  • Defenses
    • Armor
    • Coatings
      • Stealth
      • Chrome
        • Reflects lasers
      • Ablative Shields
  • Equipment
    • Mining
    • Salvaging
    • Map making computer
    • Police Scanner
    • Spare Parts
  • Power
    • Fuel
      • Fuel pods
        • Refueling capabilities on some
    • Solar Panels
      • Can be targeted by lasers to mediate power transfer
    • Nuclear
  • Sensor array
    • Thermal
    • Electro-Magnetic
    • Radar
  • Communication array
  • Habitation
    • Food growth
      • Cold storage
    • Living quarters
      • Crew
      • Passengers
      • Luxury
    • Escape pods
    • Medical bay
    • Cryo-stasis pod
  • Hanger bay
    • For drone launching and repair
  • Cargo hold
    • Led Lined for nuclear cargo
  • Aesthetics
    • Dummy modules to make your ship more formidable