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Flags are defined in the XML level files and can be positioned using tiled (where they appear as little triangular flags) or by hand-editing the level file. You can attach Java plugins to them and reference them within other plugins using the getObjectHandle/getX/getY/getZ/getH methods.

Each flag has a colour (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, Orange or Grey), a name (which must be unique or may be left blank) and a position. So far, we have not used specific flag colours for specific things - however, the following flag names are significant:

The place where Tux (and therefore, the player and camera) start off.
Gravity0, Gravity1...GravityN 
Position gravity sources into the world. If you want a 'flat world' level, position Gravity0 at (0,0,-1000000) or so - and things will work as if we were in a flat-earth.

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