Essential classic Mini reference material

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  1. Haynes Workshop Manual
  2. Haynes SU Carburettors Manual
  3. Original BL Mini Workshop Maual
  4. Tuning the A-Series Engine by David Vizard
  5. How to Modify Your Mini by David Vizard
  6. The Complete Mini by Chris Rees
  7. Original Mini Cooper and Cooper S by John Parnell
  8. Essential Mini Cooper by Anders Clausager
  9. Mini Thirty Years On by Rob Golding
  10. The Mini Restoration Guide, by Lindsey Porter.
  11. The Moss Motors catalog for the Spridget is useful for tips on tuning the A-series engine.

The ISBN's, authors, editions and publications dates for most of these can be found on the main Wikipedia page for the classic Mini.