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Here's how you programs must initialise themselves for Arduino.

 sei () ;   // Set Enable Interrupts.
 timer0_overflow_count = 0;
 // set timer 0 prescale factor to 64
 // enable timer 0 overflow interrupt
 #if defined(__AVR_ATmega168__)
   sbi(TCCR0A, WGM01);
   sbi(TCCR0A, WGM00);
   sbi(TCCR0B, CS01);
   sbi(TCCR0B, CS00);
   sbi(TIMSK0, TOIE0);
   sbi(TCCR0, CS01);
   sbi(TCCR0, CS00);
   sbi(TIMSK, TOIE0);
 // set timer 1 prescale factor to 64
 sbi(TCCR1B, CS11);
 sbi(TCCR1B, CS10);
 // put timer 1 in 8-bit phase correct pwm mode
 sbi(TCCR1A, WGM10);
 // set timer 2 prescale factor to 64
 #if defined(__AVR_ATmega168__)
   sbi(TCCR2B, CS22);
   sbi(TCCR2, CS22);
 // configure timer 2 for phase correct pwm (8-bit)
 #if defined(__AVR_ATmega168__)
   sbi(TCCR2A, WGM20);
   sbi(TCCR2, WGM20);
 // set a2d prescale factor to 128
 // 16 MHz / 128 = 125 KHz, inside the desired 50-200 KHz range.
 // XXX: this will not work properly for other clock speeds, and
 // this code should use F_CPU to determine the prescale factor.
 sbi(ADCSRA, ADPS2);
 sbi(ADCSRA, ADPS1);
 sbi(ADCSRA, ADPS0);
 // enable a2d conversions
 // the bootloader connects pins 0 and 1 to the USART; disconnect them
 // here so they can be used as normal digital i/o; they will be
 // reconnected in Serial.begin()
 #if defined(__AVR_ATmega168__)
   UCSR0B = 0;
   UCSRB = 0;

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